Monday, February 11, 2008

Welcome to The New DBC objects! You can now make new objects in Dark Basic Classic that did not exist until now.

Here is how it works:

At the start of your program, you will have to include the functions:
#Include "objects.dba"

Now you can start using my commands:

create object pyramid(object number,size,type)

This command will create a pyramid, either with 3 or 4 sides.

You should know everything here except for "type". You can either give in a "3" which will give your pyramid 3 sides and a triangle as the bottom. If you set it to a "4", your pyramid will have 4 sides and a square as the bottom.

create object prism(object number,size)

This command will create a prism with 3 sides.

create object diamond(object number,size,stretch)

This command will create an 8 sided diamond.

Everything should be clear, except for the "stretch" value. I you give in a "0", your diamond will be symmetrical. If you enter a "1", your diamond will stretch itself along the y-axis.

create object capsule(object number,size,type)

This command will create a capsule like object. It is perfect for any pong games.

If you enter a "1" into "type", you will get a capsule with rounded edges, if you enter a "2", you will get a capsule with pointed edges.

Have fun, TheComet

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